Oily Hair Wellness Set - Macadamia

by Rinkle Sharma November 27, 2020

Oily Hair Wellness Set - Macadamia

Oily hair is a common problem experienced by men and women. Oily hair is the result of many factors ranging from hereditary to daily hair care routines and habits. It can also be caused by certain medications, stress and diet.

Understand About Oily Hair -

The oil produced by sebaceous glands is scientifically known as "sebum." Every pore and hair follicle on your body has a sebaceous gland which helps your skin and scalp to stay moisturized. Sebum production is healthy for the body, but overproduction can make the skin or hair appear oily and unkempt. 

Read on to discover healthy Arganicare hair care products that can help to reduce or eliminate excess oil from hair. 

Arganicare Macadamia Shampoo (For Oily Scalp & Hair) -

Arganicare Macadamia Shampoo, this lightweight, non-greasy shampoo cleanses, removes dullness and sticky oil (sebum) from roots and adds natural shine and vitality to your strands. This Shampoo helps to balance natural hydration and moisture on your scalp & hair. It helps to eliminate excess oil, dirt and dust & helps to maintain natural shine and glossy effect.

Usage - Apply Arganicare Macadamia Shampoo on wet hair. Massage gently to form lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Arganicare Macadamia Conditioner (For Dull & Sticky Hair Length) -

Arganicare Macadamia Conditioner is specially designed to take care your sticky, oily or dull hair length. It is the perfect way to restore natural moisture without stickiness to your hair length and helps to add natural shine and luster.

Usage -Apply Arganicare Macadamia Conditioner on wet hair after shampooing. Massage gently on hair shaft. Rinse after 3-5 minutes.

Try it once on your dull, sticky, oily & lifeless hair. You really feel the difference, Hair becomes more healthy and hydrated than before.

General Tips to Treat Oily Hair -

You can get rid of Oily, Dull & Sticky hair by following few lifestyle changes such as:

  • Try to avoid to touching your hair again and again. Touching your scalp can also irritate your sebaceous glands which can cause them to produce more oil.
  • Avoid your hair getting used to heat. This includes heat from the sun, your hair dryer, or any styling products such as a straightener. 
  • Constantly scrubbing your scalp can also stimulate oil production counteracting the initial stripping of hair oils.
  • Right Diet Is must - If your hair and skin are oily, our diets could be to blame.

Rinkle Sharma
Rinkle Sharma


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