Arganicare Reconstructing Collagen Hair Masque 500ml

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  • Deeply nourish and hydrate the hair
  • Protects hair against rigors such as exposure to ultraviolet light, pollution, repeated coloring and more 
  • Regenerates it from within with moisture & proteins 
  • Provides elasticity & mechanical protection of tissues 
  • It seals the hair cuticle- helping it regain a healthy look

Best Before : 31st May 2023

Product Description

Arganicare Collagen Hair Masque, enriched with precious Collagen protein and organic oil of the Argan nut, is a perfect way to deeply nourish and hydrate your hair. Organic Argan oil protects hair against the rigors of daily life that affect hair quality such as exposure to ultraviolet light, pollution, repeated coloring or frequent use of hair dryers. Its unique formulation, infused with collagen, to regenerates hair from within, hair loss solution & replenishing it with moisture and proteins. Collagen and elastin provides elasticity and mechanical protection of tissues, keeping them supple and hydrated. It seals the hair cuticle, increasing its softness and shine and helping your hair regain a healthy look.

Benefits of Argan Oil: Argan Oil contains abundant number of antioxidants which are great for your hair because antioxidants fight free radicals and inhibit UV rays from damaging your hair. Moreover, with high content of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, it naturally helps to increase hairs' elasticity.

Benefits of Collagen - Collagen is a protein that makes up a large part of our hair. It prevents hair damage and early graying. Collagen fills-in the damaged parts of the hair and rebuilds it. It also restores essential moisture level to provide healthy appearance to your hair.

Provides Elasticity and Strength: This specially formulated hair care series is designed to take special care of your hair. Collagen is composed of Amino Acids that are responsible for giving hair its elasticity and strength. Rebuilds the deeply damaged hair and helps to regain healthy & strong look.

Regenerates and Replenishes Hair: Collagen strengthens your hair, making it tougher and harder to break. If you need your hair to look younger, more vibrant, and revitalized, collagen is the answer. This Collagen mask regenerates hair from within, replenishing it with moisture and proteins. Collagen provides elasticity and mechanical protection of tissues, keeping them supple and hydrated.



  • Contains Antioxidants which are great for your hair.
  • Has High content of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, that helps to increase hairs' elasticity.


  • Builds stronger hair and strengthens the skin that contains your hair roots.
  • Prevents hair follicle damage and graying.


  • The natural antioxidants in grapes increase the circulation of blood and encourage hair growth.


  • Helps support a healthy scalp and hair.
  • Reduces oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells in the scalp to break down.

Designed For Straightened & Processed Hair


  • Takes an advanced care of damaged or processed hair
  • Fights facets of damage: dryness, split ends and frizz


  • Revitalizes hair's vital elasticity restoring its surface
  • Deeply conditioning ingredients for sleek hair texture


  • Get unbelievable softness, manageability & shine
  • Provides smooth and silky touchable hair

How To Use:


  • Wash your hair & rinse out your shampoo


  • Wring out your hair


  • Apply your conditioner & let the conditioner set


  • Rinse out the conditioner


Is Collagen hair masque helpful to increase hair growth?

Collagen and Argan oil helps to promote thick hair and healthy scalp. It reduces hair breakage, split ends and to prevent hair loss.

Can this mask be used on combination hair?

Masque should be applied on hair length once a week (For Dry hair) or thrice a month (For Oily hair). There are no restrictions on applying hair masks on combination hair.

Can this hair masque be applied on the scalp as well?

Hair Masque is applied just above your hair roots moving towards the ends. Avoid applying hair masque on your scalp.

Is It suitable for chemically treated hair?

This formula easily absorbed by the hair cuticles, nourishes dry hair and makes hair shiny with health and radiance. It is ideal for everyone who has dry, colored or chemically treated hair.